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Natural Flow

We are a wave board brand, first and foremost. And if the fact that so many professional riders on the PWA and AWT use our custom boards, whether they can afford to sport our logo or not, isn’t proof enough, then maybe the sheer diversity of wave boards we offer is. Covering all shape and fin concepts that time and testing have proven to be the very best of today, we are building boards with four, three, two and one fin, matching all tastes and styles we have both encountered and defined over the years.

If you are after spontaneous lift and airtime to allow you Goiters or Wave 360ies into Forwards, then Levi Siver’s signature QUAD LS is for you. It comes in a dark and rich METALLIC BLUE and is considered by many magazines to be the best waveboard made today.

In case you’re drawn to all the wonderful tricks that the last decade has blessed us with, but you long for strong and fast bottom turns, projecting that speed into a most elevated move off the lip, then Levi’s THRUSTER LS is for you. Aside from its METALLIC PURPLE finish, it will be your more powerful riding that will make you stand out galore.

If you are looking for that extremely surfy and tight-turned down the line movement, you should try and fall in love with Keith Teboul’s signature QUAD KT in either of it’s spicy editions. GREEN and RED are at your disposal.

The TWIN is for you if elegant lines finalized by sharp turns are your thing. We have re-pioneered the Twin movement back in 2006, just like we did with the Quad movement little afterwards. So we know what we are talking about. Make no mistake, the TWIN is just as brutal now as its SILVER appearance is classic, and its shape concept hasn’t been put to sleep either. These things get ridden and developed daily.

If all the above are a little too surfy for you still, and you’re looking for that board that can lift you into a burner even though the leaves on the trees tell you it’s a day for reading, then reach fast for the FREESTYLEWAVE because while it’s genetically linked to our wave line, it has a rocker to die for and basically hovers more so over the water than touching it.

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