Pyramid Pro

Surfing Thruster.

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Pyramid Pro

Surfing Thruster

Keith Teboul: “My goal for the 2022/23 Pyramid Pro was simplicity and having fun in epic wavesailing conditions. In look and feel, the new Pyramid encompasses the core elements in surfing of speed, power, and flow, delivering unprecedented performance in a variety of down-the line wave conditions.

The all new Pyramid Pro is much faster to plane, has more drive on the wave face, and retains the industry’s leading grip through the turns. This means you catch more waves and setup your approach with higher speeds, so you can draw the lines of your dreams with full confidence in your board setup.

With the immediate success of the revolutionary Con-Vee bottom in the prior Pyrmaid Pro, we set out to review some of the all time best boards in our lineage, to see how we could blend and even enhance the modern Con-Vee concept.

Pyramid prototypes and team Custom boards alike featured various refinements to all design aspects. Slight adjustments to the rocker line, rail flow off the nose, and outline through the back of the mast track through the middle of your stance all played into these new Pyramid shapes. The outline is a touch fuller and the mast track position has been adjusted to work in its full spectrum.

Across our entire team’s different riding styles and sizes, we are all stoked, and so we know you will be too.”

The new Quatro Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction.

US Box 8” center, Slot Box 10 cm sides.

Available in 72, 77, 82, 87, 92, 99 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

Available in White.

Keith Teboul : « Mon but pour la Pyramid Pro 2022/23 était de garder la simplicité et le plaisir dans des conditions de navigation épiques. En terme d’apparence et de sensation, la nouvelle Pyramid englobe les éléments essentiels du surf en terme de vitesse, de puissance et de flow, délivrant des performances sans précédent dans un large éventail de conditions down the line.

La toute nouvelle Pyramid Pro permet de planer rapidement, d’avoir plus de drive dans la vague, et elle offre le plus de grip dans les virages de ce qui se fait dans l’industrie. Cela signifie que vous prenez plus de vagues et adaptez votre approche avec plus de vitesse afin de dessiner les courbes de vos rêves dans la vague, tout en étant entièrement en confiance avec votre planche.

Avec le succès immédiat de la révolutionnaire carène Con-Vee (Concave V) sur l’ancienne Pyramid Pro, nous avons entreprit de passer en revue certaines des meilleures planches de notre gamme afin de trouver comment nous pouvions modifier ou même améliorer le concept Con-Vee moderne.

Les prototypes de la Pyramid et les planches Custom du team ont subit diverses améliorations sur tous les aspects de la conception. De légères modifications ont été faites sur la ligne de rocker, sur la répartition du volume des rails jusqu’ à l’avant de la planche et sur l’outline derrière le rail de pied de mât jusqu’entre les straps. L’outline est un peu plus épais et la position du rail de pied de mât a été ajustée afin de fonctionner dans son spectre complet.

Sur l’ensemble des différents styles et gabarits de nos riders, tout le team est ravis, et nous savons que vous le serez aussi. »

Construction Carbone Pro.

Boîtier d’aileron central US 8’’, boîtier d’ailerons Slot 10cm sur les côtés.

Disponible en 72, 77, 82, 87, 92, 99 litres.

Disponible en Blanc.




What the magazines say

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  • Planchemag, France, 2023: Surfeuse radical, un super grip au service de trajectoire precises et fluides, sans vraiment de limtes.
  • Wind Magazine, France, 2023: Le modèle down the line Quatro est un produit de choix pour les rideurs pointus, passionnés de carving et de conduite précise et incisive.


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Pyramid Pro SKU UPC Model
Alex, Australia  
Mar 25, 2024 

Just wanted to thank you for the Pyramid: It is the one board that takes me to places i can only dream of. The bigger, steeper and hollow the wave is, the more at ease the board is (and the less i am). The board is the closest feeling to a prone surfboard with strong rail-to-rail abilities. i am truly in love with this board, the shape is perfect. Thank you.

Marine, France  
Jun 24, 2023 

The Pyramid is my soul board, doing best what I like best: float & ride waveriding. The board\'s ability to fit into a gnarly wave pocket is infinite, I am the one hitting the brakes!


Sarah, New Caledonia  
Jun 22, 2023 

Aloha Guys, With everybody out and about on their summer adventures I just wanted to find a way to thank you all as a team for allowing me to be so well equipped for Fiji. Not only did I have a blast riding those incredible waves but I'm also really stoked to have won. It was a really special event for many reasons.

I'm so grateful for the gear, it was on point. The custom board and fins, the sails... as beautiful as the conditions looked, there were also some challenges. Light wind, current, top turn timed a little late... 😉 and I feel like you all helped me overcome them through the gear and your support. So THANK YOU!!

vincenzo, Italy  
Oct 19, 2022 

pyramid 99. I am 92 and usually I use a 92 l board as my smallest one. In this way many times I was struggling to plane especially going out in side off condition and in gusty wind. I used the pyramid 99 a couple of time in my recent trip in Ireland with side (slightly side off) condition 5.0 and 25-27 knots and nice size waves and was ok both for jumping (forward loop) and for surfing

Morgan, USA  
Sep 03, 2022 

On Sep 3, 2022

I’m sailing Waddell with a 82L and the board is incredible, so much better than a Grip 82L I used previously. I have mast base and fins set to the center of their respective boxes. How should I think about changing these settings for different conditions? I’m 180lbs and 6’1” and use 5.2, 4.8 and 4.2 wave sails. Thank you.


Aloha Morgan,

Thank you for reaching over, and great to hear about your stoke on the Pyramids.

I believe that you could get the board to turn tighter by moving the back strap back, and depending on the sail size, you could probably move the mast foot back. Too far with the mast when your board starts sinking on the tail and pushing too much water. Too far forward when you have difficulty turning tighter on the wave.

The front foot is the same thing. Far forward will give you a long bottom turn/speed, and further back will give you a tighter turn and more vertical take-offs on your jumps.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best!


Dave, USA  
Jun 19, 2022 

I just bloody love my new 99L Pyramid!! That's all

DC xx

Dave Cheyne

Xavi, Spain  
Feb 13, 2022 

I have all the Pyramids over the years and this one is the absolute best! Better planning, riding, best just got better!

5.0 5.0 7 7 Just wanted to thank you for the Pyramid: It is the one board that takes me to places i can only dream of. The bigger, steeper and hollow the wave is, the more at ease the board is Pyramid Pro
Pyramid Pro SKU UPC Model
Darren, Australia  
Dec 17, 2019 

Ok, so first got a session in late yesterday. Swell was consistently head high, some bigger on the sets. Wind started off around 20knts so I rigged 5.3 (Ezzy Elite) it was as cross/on and lots of current and sweep down the beach.

After the the first run wind picked up to more like 27-28knts, so I was immediately overpowered. I didn't have time to waste and it was a long walk back to the car to change down, so I stuck with it. 4.7 would have been perfect though.

So I could have, should have really been on my 83L and 4.7.... so how did the 92 go fully over powered????

Amazing!!!!! First impression was how smooth it was in the choppy conditions at speed, the new bottom contours really help smooth things out, I would say it is a lot more comfortable than the last generation. Even though I was completely over powered I never felt over boarded which was a massive surprise!!!! It just felt great. That being said, I usually like to be on a smaller board if possible, but this did not feel out of place in those conditions.

Off the plane it felt reasonably stable and the extra length gave it good glide, I can see it being great for float n ride. Obviously in the windy conditions it planed very quickly and had a good top end speed and like I said, really comfortable in the chop. It's really sensitive to foot position, especially in transition so u have to be very proactive, so not as suited if u are a passive sailor, much narrower room for errors than say the Cube or Super Mini.

On the wave, it continues to follow its epic heritage and produce sick gouging turns, it's hard to say at this point if the turns are much different to the last generation, but you could definitely feel that smoother ride here as well so, overall I would say it feels better on the wave because of this.

Super stoked with this board, if I had the money I would update my 83 to the new 82 as well - the new bottom contours are a big improvement and I just couldn't get over the smooth ride!!!

Jeff, United States  
Oct 11, 2019 

I just rode the 2020 Pyramid 87 for the first time at Ho’okipa in awesome conditions. Right off of the beach it feels balanced and comfortable. It planes early, although I preferred to schlog it steeper upwind. The bottom turn is amazing. After a couple of waves I found a whole new gear in the second half of the turn. It really “thrusts“ or squirts up the wave face and it took me much more vertical with speed towards the lip. The cutback is great, you can gouge it deep or slide it around with excellent control. I think that it improved my sailing in one session! I love custom boards, but I just may need this production one instead.

Sep 12, 2019 

What can i say?
The best, insane, unreal....
After being years with Quatro custom i’ve got 2 Pyramids and they are awesome.
Really fast planning and unreal turns.
10 points Keith.

David Waveman, Catalunya  
Sep 11, 2019 

What can i say?
The best, insane, unreal....
After being years with Quatro custom i’ve got 2 Pyramids and they are awesome.
Really fast planning and unreal turns.
10 points Keith.

5.0 5.0 7 7 Just wanted to thank you for the Pyramid: It is the one board that takes me to places i can only dream of. The bigger, steeper and hollow the wave is, the more at ease the board is Pyramid Pro
Pyramid SKU UPC Model
Rob, Ireland  
Jun 15, 2018 

Hi all, going to share my early views of my new Pyramid 96.
Firstly this board is not essential for me as my 103 mini and 85 cube are capable of covering just about all conditions I sail from onshore to cross off, 3.7 - 5.7 sail size. So why get it. Well I sail every chance I get, cycle a bit go to the gym occasionally, all to keep in some sort of decent shape for those classic down the line wave days, the mini and cube are both great but there is nothing to beat the feel and grip of a dedicated wave board when you bear off down a nice wave. So enter the Pyramid.
Looking at the board it has little in common with the wider style multi fin boards I've come to know and love. Its a bit longer, a bit narrower and is a throwback to older single fin wave boards in its outline. Lacking the rectangular parallel shape that most stubby and a lot of boards have I was glad I went for the 96, I weigh 88kg, as I want to spend more time sailing and less sinking or getting mullered. The back strap is further back than any other wave board I've sailed in relation to fin position, the tail is fairly narrow so on first inspection this is a fast looking board.
So how does it sail, getting going is a bit more committed than my mini and cube, however as soon as it gets going acceleration is really good and top end is a lot more than either mini or cube. Getting over shore break I'm thankful of the extra volume if I'm not fully powered up. If fully powered it will jump or go over anything (within reason) .I really like the feel it has hitting a ramp and it jumps really well, in the air its extremely easy to control and land , big air and rotations will only be limited by my ability but this is a board which you will want to test your limits.
Up wind it points really well, it does feel a bit wilder through chop than the cube or mini but nothing to worry about. Gybing I have to be a bit more precise with foot placement and timing but this is to be expected with the narrower tail, the extra speed going in helps though.
Which brings me to wave riding. As soon as you bear off on the wave face the board comes alive, accelerating into the bottom turn with so much grip it makes you want to hit the lip vertically and rip back down again. Believe me this is a totally thoroughbred DTL board. Quatro claim the channels running down the tail give extra speed, I'd say mission accomplished. The speed and grip this board offers give me serious confidence on the wave face. Another plus is as the waves get bigger the board gets better. Hitting the lip vertically the board snaps round back down the wave at speer, hit at an angle and it just wants to take off. I know I bought this board as a guilty pleasure, but having sailed it in waves up to logo high I feel no guilt whatsoever.
I haven't tried it on my 3.7 , 4.2 or 5.7, but I think with a 17 centre fin it should cope with stronger winds . The 19 supplied will hopefully be fine with the 5.7.
I've since had a good rip with my new 4.2 Goya Guru, tried both the 17 and 19 centre fin. The board worked really well with both . As you would expect better on wave with the 17 and quicker to plane with the 19. I'd defiantly lean towards the bigger fin for onshore or if you want to go for some big air.
Who should buy one, anyone who lives to sail proper waves .Is it a do all wave board, if you're a quality sailor it will work in any conditions. If you like sailing around and want to have fun on an easy to sail board which will handle all wave conditions then the mini or cube would be a better bet.
I'll keep you posted if I have anything to add as I get to know the board better.
PS Thanks Pascal for the advice getting it setup.

Pascal, France, South  
Apr 27, 2018 

Hi Everybody,

I windsurf in the south of France. We don't have swell but some beautiful waves short and fast.
It's difficult to surf old-school, our turns are short ... we have to be very sharp and veloce, always close to the peak.
Few months ago, I could test in wavy condition, the pyramid83 (30 kts - 4,0m²) and a cube86 (20kts - 5,0m²)... wwoooh, I loved both!

For my weight of 72kg (sail range 3,6 - 5,0), my new quiver is now a 2018-Pyramid 78 + 2018-Cube 86.
These two boards have magic shapes, so pure, so accurate, so enjoyable. These 2 boards are very complementary.

Huge thank you Keith and also all Haiku Cannerie staff !


Gary Hill, North Wales UK  
Jan 28, 2017 

Loving the new Pyramid 86.Great looking board.Fins are a little on the fragile side.Another top class board. Well finished.

Sep 01, 2016 

My new Pyramid 77 is THE BEST pure side shore wave board ever had, used it in Mauritius island I am stoked, is the perfect board for Manawa, Oneye and Chamot, is an incredible board, I like a lot the cut back I relly love do cut back with this board, about the bottom turn I love how it is so easy, and you can do short or logn bottom as you wantor prefer. When I use this board in medium, big waves I felt that is so easy and I felt that I can push my limit to a superior level, this allow me to improve my surfing. I think that the best fin quivers is 16cm 10 and 10, but also 17 10 10 is ok in particular in strong curret. Very nice in small wave the trim with 15 12 12. Mast foot 1/3 back of the center.
Central fin for short turn in side shore close to smaller fins, in Oneye (side off and super fast wave) central fin rear, keep more distance between the center fin and the smaller.
A pure side shore wave board, a dream for a production board.

5.0 5.0 7 7 Just wanted to thank you for the Pyramid: It is the one board that takes me to places i can only dream of. The bigger, steeper and hollow the wave is, the more at ease the board is Pyramid

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