Power 4

Carbon & S-Glass.

Adam Lewis.

Cube 6

Carbon & S-Glass.

Levi Siver.

Pyramid 6

Carbon & S-Glass.

Generation 6.



Genuinely Quatro.

Build it.

Or have it built.

Kai Lenny and Keith Teboul.


The local Hawaii advantage.

It makes a difference to have a pro team of riders who are not only traveling the world on a regular basis but who go sailing in prime wave conditions every day, testing boards, providing instant feedback, pushing the brand and its products forward. This is what we do at Quatro on Maui.

Team Gear

Preowned. By professionals. On Maui.

We are stocking some exceptional quality used gear in our Flagship Store.
Gear that was ridden by our team riders. Gear that is Quatro certified. Gear that can now be yours.

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