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Absolute Pleasure.

2022/23 Windsurfing Boards.

Shaped by Keith Teboul
Developed by Levi Siver, Kai Lenny
Designed by Bjoern Zedlick

Forward to the roots. Forward to what matters. Family, friends, and time on the water is what it’s all about. To us, and to our Ohana of distributors, shops, and loyal riders around the globe.

Life’s short, so when you actually have time to get on the water, we want to make sure you enjoy those hours as much as possible. We love to windsurf, and we love blending the best of surfing into it. The 2022/23 board range, from shape to design, is about the pleasure of surfing, empowered by the wind.

Speaking strictly for us, we have the most pleasure, the most fun, when we’re on gear that rips, when we feel in control, when we’re in our element. The new 2022/23 Quatro range puts you in your element. It’s not about being the fastest, or the highest. Been there, done that.

This range is about maximum grip, maximum downforce, maximum confidence. And it’s about you. Your session. Your moves. Your style. The absolute you, not the realitive you, when comparing yourself. Not relative pleasure. Absolute pleasure.


Keith Teboul

Wave boards.

Inimitable. The embodiment of modern wave boards for virtually every taste, from ultra snappy and loose to drawn out and meticulous.


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