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The Custom World.

Kai Lenny by Sophie


we build your wet dream

A custom board is the paramount choice for a rider who needs a product tailored to their uncompromised needs. The Quatro Custom World is the holy grail of windsurfing boards. We are not only committed but inherently bound to building, riding and selling boards where it’s all at, in Hawaii. All Quatro production boards are based on prototypes built right here in Haiku on Maui. Naturally such dedication translates into the ultimate quality of boards we manufacture.

Our heritage goes back as far as 1994 and our hunger for new shapes won´t stop tomorrow, let alone today.

You get to choose between three constructions and three rockers, all based on latest full sandwich, carbon and s-glass layups guaranteed to deliver ultimate lightness to strength ratios. No limits are set on your choice of graphics. There are many ways to order your dream board. The most convenient is to simply fill out your Custom Wishlist online. The one we recommend is to drop by the shop and hang out with me in the shaping room while we talk about building your latest stick.

Your Wishlist

Your Board. Our Proposal.

Quatro Custom Boards are the perfect choice for people who desire a board that is completely tailored to their needs and dreams. Please answer the following questions so we can build the perfect board for you. Enjoy the experience of getting a customized board.

About you
Phone Number
Shirt Size

We would love to send you a free Quatro t-shirt along with your Quatro Custom board in case we have your size in stock.

About your Spot

What are your typical sailing conditions?
Multiple selections possible.


Were is your primary sailing region or spot for this board?


Which sail size ranges will you use on this board?
Multiple selections possible.

About your Board

What volume should this board have? Leave blank if you want us to recommend a volume based on your data.


Which rocker line would you like? We currently offer 3 different rocker models, differentiated by their respective curve in the tail of the board. 6 being the tightest turning rocker. 4 being faster and most widely used as it is the most versatile for all around wave sailing. 2 being the fastest rocker for windsurfers who sail mostly in onshore or conditions with a lot of currents.

Tail Shape

Quatro Custom constructions use a double sandwich and carbon build similar to our production boards but deliver lighter weight, higher strength and more exclusive materials. You have the choice between 3 different construction versions. Premium is the strongest version, recommended for boards that will be jumped a lot. Ultralight is lighter and hence a little bit more fragile. The ideal version for boards that will mostly be used to ride waves and where jumping with potential flat landings won't happen a lot. Ultralight Pro is our most exclusive construction featuring a full carbon deck. Stronger than Ultralight but a bit weaker than Premium.

Fin Boxes

Penta (five boxes for use as quad and thruster) +$125, Quad +$100, Thruster +$75, Twin +$50. US box only.

Footstrap inserts

2 or 4 screws per footstrap.

Stance spread

The distance between the back of front strap and the front of back strap. Please state your desired stance. We then supply that precise setting, plus settings that are a bit shorter and a bit longer. Standard is 43 cm (17"). Please indicate CM or IN.

Footstrap width

Custom board standard is 14.6 cm (5 3/4"), Production board standard is 15.2 cm (6"). Please keep in mind whether you are wearing booties or not. Please indicate CM or IN.

Board color

We gladly work with Pantone codes but charge an extra $40 for the process.


Please indicate if you would like an artwork or graphic and whether it will be on the deck and bottom or deck only. You can supply artwork files or inspiration by to the email address Please factor in around $200 for a deck artwork or around $300 for a deck and bottom artwork. Exact prices depend on the complexity of the artwork. Please note that paint and artworks are not refundable. Although our team thrives to match our customers' expectations, including but not limited to color, graphic, size, layout, the final work remains completely to our painters and artists interpretation. Production stickers of current board graphics cost an extra $175. For some artwork inspiration please visit the Artwork Gallery

Visit The Artwork Gallery
Paint finish

Our custom boards come in immaculate glossy finish to properly represent the beauty of your new shape.


We use Quatro Custom pads of the same kind and placement that our pro team riders prefer.


How many MFC straps do you need? Enter amount. Wholesale prices. Supplied with screws, nuts and washers. $10 per strap.


How many MFC fins do you need? Enter amount and model. Wholesale prices. Supplied with screws, nuts and washers. $200 per quad fin set. $150 per thruster fin set. $145 twin fin set. $80 per single fin.


How many MFC board bags do you need? Enter amount and model. Wholesale price $100.


Anything else you feel we haven't covered or you wish to spell out. Feel free to do it here.


We welcome you to come to Maui and pick up your custom board in person at our flagship store. An additional HI sales tax of 4.16% applies for local pickup. Alternatively we can ship your custom board worldwide. An important part of Quatro is to provide you with the best shipping price in the shortest delivery time. We review each order individually, factoring in the destination, weight and size of the shipment. Exact shipping charges for all deliveries will be confirmed during the process of ordering your board. For cheaper rates we recommend airport to airport shipments. This means that you'll have to pick up the board at an airport close to you and take care of customs clearance and possible import duties. Airport to door deliveries are also available but price is approximately 40% to 50% higher. If we ship outside the state of Hawaii there will be no sales tax added.


All custom boards will be shipped at the customer's expense. Free shipping does not apply to custom boards. We can ship to your home or office address or to the closest airport near you. Please select.

Please reference the chart belowPrices

Bare board prices in dollars per liter range of Premium construction without accessories. For Ultralight construction add $200. For Ultralight Pro construction add $600. The custom board price does not include straps and fins but we can offer you MFC products at wholesale price if you purchase a custom board from us. If you need to purchase more than one set of straps or fin you can get them from MFC directly as we work very closely together with them.


A $1,000 deposit is due upon placing the order and the remaining balance is due when the board is finished before shipping will occur. The payment can be done by credit card, bank wire or check.


Against manufacturer's defect. Your custom board may include a vent plug. Please note that the vent shall remain closed while the board is in the water. Make sure you have the vent plug off at all other times especially when the board will be exposed to high heats like inside of a vehicle or bag or when traveling to high altitudes.

Building time

Please note that additional time might be needed if an artwork is desired.

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