Roam Air

Touring Single.

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Roam Air

Touring Single

The Roam Air is a Sup touring board without compromise. Straight, fast, inspiring. It’s a single fin board with reduced drag and a narrow outline, made for long trips without fatigue.

Built to explore and venture, the roam Air features a generous deck pad that offers reassuring grip throughout long voyages and sports a loop in the nose for towing as well as a strap setup to tie down a small bag or a pair of flip flops. The roam comes with a US box fin, compatible with your favorite MFC or FCS fin.

Ready to move with you inside a backpack that doubles as a trolley.

Quatro Air Sup comes supplied with a removable soft center fin.

The new Quatro Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Available in 12’6”, 335 liters.

Available in pale white with an anthracite pad.

Comes in 6” thickness.




Air Sup.

Quatro Air Sups are built for extreme adventure and everyday use alike. The advanced Triple Layer construction combines light weight, a crisp feel and outstanding durability. Whether hitting rocks or being dropped, these boards don’t even flinch.

Knocking onto a Quatro Air Sup is like knocking on wood. Built with outstanding materials, their shapes and rigidity are unparalleled. Hence these boards won’t bend at your stance, which can make a board less stable, track poorly, and be susceptible to wind. Instead, Quatro Air Sups offer superb paddling stability, utilizing 6” (5”) drop stitch cores and triple layer shell constructions. These engineering elements make the board extra rigid when inflated to spec, feeling extremely close to standing on a traditional laminated board.

At Quatro we love shaping foam, so these Air Sups had to come extremely close to receive our badge of approval. When inflated to 15 PSI, these boards offer a hardboard performance feel and are as super stiff as they are super light.

With light weight comes ease of handling and a quick set up. They are easy on the surfaces of boats, cars, pools and decks. Adults and kids alike love them, as do pets. Being inflated, they are highly impact resistant, meaning no dings and no denting will occur, even with youngsters out of control.

Quatro Air Sup shapes are quick, stable and easy to maneuver. Engineered by Keith Teboul in Hawaii, naturally they are built for the ocean and will perform effortlessly on lakes, rivers, when boating, swimming and simply for having all-around fun.

The boards come quipped with generous and comfortable EVA deck traction pads, bow storage bungees, bow and stern anchor/tow/leach rings, a dual action speed pump with a pressure gauge, a storage backpack with wheels, a repair kit, and keyless removable fins.

Quatro Sups come with a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects. Built to last, the exclusive Quatro construction insures durability for many years of use. You will find the board built to endure everyday real world use.

They are solid all-around boards that condense into a convenient backpack that doubles as a trolley.

Quatro Air Sups are made using heavy duty PVC, hardened rubber materials and UV protection to create a protective barrier around a super strong drop stitch core. Drop stitching means, that thousands of fine polyester threads connect the top and bottom core cloth layers, creating an immensely strong link that can withstand very high pressure. High pressure makes for a rigid shape, which enhances the paddling performance, creating said crisp inflatable board.

Quatro inflatable Sups can be used for a variety of paddling, from beginners in rental centers and entry level cruising to speed racing and paddling in the surf. These exceptional Sups are easily stored in apartments or the back of your car.

The fins used in Quatro Air Sups are industry standard US box fins that don’t require a screw driver and are set up in seconds on the beach.

Combining our Hawaii based research and development with the outstanding experience of the technicians working in cooperation with Quatro, state-of-the-art production facilities, high-end fabrics of superb quality, and using multiple-layers of first class PVC, the result is an exceptional Air Sup. A true Quatro product.

Available in Glide Air and Roam Air.


The nitty-gritty.

Featured on this Quatro Sup model.


Windsurf ready.

Featured on this Quatro Sup model.



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Roam Air SKU UPC Model
Esben, Denmark  
May 21, 2023 

Hello. What is the Price in euro for the Roam Air 12.6 ?
And when can it be shipped for Denmark ?

Regards Esben

Carlos, Sweden  
Sep 19, 2021 

I have got mine in 2016, use it about a dozen times per summer season since. Shape has not changed at all.
Works very well in local calm sea, funny to visit islands but also in lakes.
Even easy with small long waves as well.
Compared to other boards I rent when I travel, it is quicker and more stable at the same time!

5.0 5.0 2 2 Hello. What is the Price in euro for the Roam Air 12.6 ?And when can it be shipped for Denmark ?Regards Esben Roam Air
RoamAir SKU UPC Model
felix, Switzerland  
Oct 03, 2017 

A wonderful board, the best one I ever rode up today. Very fast, quite stable, even as a beginner with now 2 months of experience, I rode on waves (perpendicular...) and with frontwind. Real fun!

5.0 5.0 2 2 Hello. What is the Price in euro for the Roam Air 12.6 ? And when can it be shipped for Denmark ? Regards Esben RoamAir

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