Performance Wave

A performance paddle board for aggressive riding. LEARN MORE



All Around Wave

Easy, stable and fast to paddle, with a shining spark in its maneuverability. LEARN MORE



The Credo

How our sport drives us

Bjoern Zedlick: “The biggest asset and capital of our brand is not its rocker stick archive or its CNC machine, or its carbon weaves. The biggest difference that sets Quatro apart is made by the people creating and riding our products, which coincidentally are one and the same people.”

The Range

How we drive our sport

Keith Teboul: “The all new Carve is a performance oriented paddle board for aggressive riding. The fuller center outline and a more pulled in nose…” LEARN MORE
“My idea for the all new Glide was to create something easy, stable and fast to paddle, yet it was supposed to have a shining spark…” LEARN MORE


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