The Line

We are a wave board brand, first and foremost. Windsurfing boards are our roots, surfing is our adrenalin. And this shows in every rail we draw, every concave we sand. Unsurpassed passion. Unrivaled experience. Unequaled innovation. What you see here are the boards of now. The Quatro line. We get by without a dozen different models because we are sure of what we do. This is what they mean by quality over quantity. These are the boards we ride ourselves. Anything that could be refined has been perfected. Without compromise.

The Cube is Levi’s go to board for side to side onshore conditions. A little shorter than the Sphere with more hips in the outline for turning and a fast rocker for early planing. Levi uses… READ MORE

The Pyramid is Keith Teboul’s go to board. Designed slightly shorter with more middle width and more hips for quicker snappier more vertical turns. It has the added feature of… READ MORE

The Sphere was originally designed to replace the single fin board in our line. Having a fast rocker for early planing, a longer outline with a pulled in tail for control at high speeds… READ MORE

The Twin is for you if elegant lines finalized by sharp turns are your thing. Make no mistake, the Twin is just as brutal as its silver finish is timeless, and its shape concept… READ MORE

The Freestylewave is your board if all the above are a little too surfy for you still. While it’s genetically linked to our wave line, it has a fast rocker to die for and basically hovers… READ MORE

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