Sizes available 72, 78, 84, 90, 98, 110

Keith Teboul: “I chose to slightly modify the new Cube for this season. Staying with the same bottom shape while slightly changing the front outline makes this board just a bit shorter. This made for a slightly wider nose and in turn led to a more parallel outline, allowing for faster and more driving turns. I also adjusted the fin positioning and stance to our more aggressive approach of being further back on the board, allowing the rider to push stronger through each turn. That’s what gives you that advanced gravity feeling. This line is in such a good place right now that it’s becoming harder and harder to even improve it.”

Premium Construction

The Quatro Premium Construction offers a wonderful blend of superbly light weight, very high impact resistance and that famous lively Quatro feel. Put to the test daily and heavily by the Quatro team and riders worldwide, these windsurfing boards are both shaped and built to take windsurfing one step further.


This board comes with

MFC Fins

This Quatro windsurfing board comes with a set of perfectly corresponding MFC fin models and sizes to complement its superior shape. LEARN MORE

MFC Straps

This Quatro windsurfing board comes with the latest MFC straps, featuring lush quality neoprene and a pleasantly soft inner sole.

MFC Pads

This Quatro windsurfing board comes with MFC pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and perfect grip throughout.

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QS Quad Fin

Developed with Keith Teboul, Levi Siver and Bernd Roediger. Boards that have the QS mounted experience loads of drive and drastically reduced drag thanks to the fine tuned foil sections. Upwind performance is superior with these fins. The board feels loose yet drives harder.



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