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The mono

single power wave

Sizes available 67, 72, 79, 86

The Mono is the first choice for sailors looking for a smooth and stable single fin board feel, the quick acceleration and unlimited top end speed that one fin provides.

The Mono is tunable for any type of hard core wave sailing condition around the world.

Early planing and forgiving feel are the key concepts of this line of boards, giving you just enough comfort to always be in control and feel at home anywhere you sail. The Mono might strike you as a classic board at first, but that is only until you hit the ramps faster and soar your airs higher than on anything else, than anyone else.


This board comes with

MFC Fins

This board comes with a set of perfectly corresponding MFC fin models and sizes to complement its superior shape. LEARN MORE

MFC Straps

This board comes with the latest MFC straps, featuring lush quality neoprene and a pleasantly soft inner sole. LEARN MORE

Quatro Double Density Pads

This board comes with genuine Quatro pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and perfect grip throughout. These pads are available for individual purchase. LEARN MORE



AR is an all around model for any conditions. Wave side shore, on-shore, off-shore; it’s the fin that does it all having a wave shape for the smaller sizes and going to more of a freewave shape for the bigger sizes. Speed and early planning are great characteristics of this fin.

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