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Quatro Surf Boards are FORGED BY PASSION AND RIDDEN FOR LIFE. In all we do, we always aspire the direct connection and harmonic drive found in surfing, the root, undisturbed by external kinetics and accessories.

Unlike other brands however we believe that stoic dogma doesn’t help in evolving and revolutionizing things. We believe in cross fertilization between all watersports. And as such we invite you to try our Surf Boards. You may find that they have just a little more lift than what you’ve been used to with shapes stuck in closemindedness. Give them and try and experience them CONNECTING THE OCEAN TO YOUR FEET.

Our brand has a unique story and vision. We’ve been around SINCE 1994, and most people just know that when it comes to waves, Quatro is the real thing. What makes us special to many is the DESIGN IN MOTION. Our ideas come to life on the water and keep inspiring those around us to ride, while they in return inspire us to create.

Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddling all are about creation and board design is our medium for that.

If you’re still reading this, then chances are high you know exactly what you’re after and just need a little push to get you over the edge of action. For those less familiar with shapes and sizes, let us give you a very much so not in depth overview.

SHORT BOARD Varies between 6 and 7 feet, with a pointed nose and a rounded or squarish tail, typically with three fins. Very quick to maneuver, but because of a lack of flotation due to the smaller size, harder to catch waves with, requiring steeper, more powerful waves.

EGG Modern hybrid board. Usually 6 to 8 feet 6 with a rounded profile and tail shape. Surfed in smaller waves with any fin set up. More about having fun than high performance or tricks. They can be easier to ride in conditions where the more traditional boards might not.

MINI TANKER Basically a shortened longboard that utilizes longboard design elements and enhanced maneuverability due to the shorter shape. These boards are normally preferred by lighter or smaller riders, providing more control than your traditional longboard.

LONGBOARD Primarily a single finned board with large rounded nose and length of 9 to 12 feet. Its advantage is its substantial planing surface, which enables riding waves generally deemed too small to propel a shortboard. Longboards are more suitable for beginners because of the board’s size and frequency of catching waves.

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There are certain standards in certain industries. What MFC is for windsurfing, FCS is for Surfing. Period. Enough said.


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