Andy Gurtner

National Teamrider.

Hometown. Caldereta/Fuerteventura
Home spot. Northshore of Fuerteventura
Sponsors. Goya/Quatro/MFC/Chinook
A few words about yourself. After sailing mostly in southern France, lake Garda and lakes in Switzerland I moved to the Gorge/Oregon coast. After many years I felt it is time to move on and I call Fuerteventura my new home.
What makes your ride? Passion to the ocean/water. Everyday is different. You can always learn and improve. Be out there in the nature.
How much do you love to windsurf? It is a daily part of my life. I’m driven by this sport. For me it is a way of life.
What is your most memorable session? There are a couple. But one of the most memorable was years ago in Puerto Lajas/Fuerteventura, side-off wind glassy waves.
What inspires you? Try to be able to manage the power of the nature.
Describe your quiver. Fringe 4.0/4.2/4.5/4.7/5.0 Quatro Pyramid Thruster 77l/86l some sup/surf boards.
Hobbies. My critters, biking, ice hockey, movies

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