Pro Construction.

Julien by Paul


Glide Pro
All-Around Thruster

Keith on the Glide: “My idea for the Glide was to create something easy, stable and fast to paddle, yet it was supposed to shine with maneuverability.

This board comes with solid rockers and full outlines, giving it a completely different level of stability and comfort, greatly enhanced by ISDTM (Integrated Stability Deck), which serves as an ergonomic stance platform. To me the Glide is the go to board for cruising and small waves. This is the Sup that my wife and me grab and go to the south side, throw our dog onboard and ride the fun waves.”

The deck consists of a generous diamond grove Quatro pad covering both your paddling and surfing stance for added comfort, while leaving the nose and rails bare to save weight for improved performance.

Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220 liters.

Available in neon blue on white.


Fin setup.

The Glide features a thruster setup, its bigger center fin
providing both stability on straights and drive on turns.



PRO construction. Full sandwich build, featuring FDS™ Full Deck Sandwich for immaculate flex, FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich for supreme strength, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance for paramount rigidity in the heel areas, all laminated with Biaxial glass. This performance construction combines light weight, a crisp feel and excellent durability. We consciously do not use a carbon deck because it would result in too stiff of a board for Sup surfing and inhibit much desired flex and pop.


Pro Construction.

Julien by Paul


Wide range.

The Glide comes in a beautifully wide range of sizes, providing just the right volume for everyone.


Pro Construction

Julien by Paul


Why we use it.

Most Sup boards on the market are covered in color.
White however keeps the board cooler and allows for
the construction to work at its best and last longer.

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