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Ast Construction.

Vickey by Paul


Glide Ast
All-Around Thruster

The all new Glide Ast is identical to the Glide Pro except for it’s construction. The new Glide brings along two bigger sizes that are more surf oriented. Just like the Pro version, the Ast features the ISDTM which works slightly against the convex deck dome, offering a more solid stance.

The nose rocker has a lower entry for ease of paddling and a very constant glide, hence the name. The bottom transitions from single to double to vee for an agile and maneuverable board. All Glide models come with a raised tail kick for added grip when riding waves. We consciously do not use a carbon deck on the Glide because it would result in too stiff a board for Sup surfing and inhibit much desired flex and pop.

Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220 liters.

Available in neon blue on white.


Surfing traction.

The Glide Pro and Ast come with heel kicks to support your turning grip on the wave.



AST construction. Offering a durable, tough and light board, but considerably more affordable than carbon constructions. AST construction uses a cubed fused cell foam core. An advanced sandwich build guarantees for light weight and supreme water resistance. AST models feature un-directional glass-reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin while increasing overall hull strength.


Ast Construction.

Camille by Paul


Wide range.

The Glide comes in a beautifully wide range of sizes,
providing just the right volume for everyone.


Ast Construction

Camille by Sofie


Why we use it.

Most Sup boards on the market are covered in color.
White however keeps the board cooler and allows for
the construction to work at its best and last longer.

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