Carve Pro

Surfing Thruster/Quad.

2019/20 Model

Carve Pro

Surfing Thruster/Quad

The new Carve Pro has been radically changed from previous years to deliver a vastly improved experience for paddlers of all abilities and weights. The range sees the introduction of a new bigger Carve Pro for heavier paddlers as well as a new smaller board for advanced, professional and lighter weight riders.

New features on this board include a faster rocker, the boards simply accelerate quicker and have a faster top end speed on the wave, making turns more radical. You can make the section easier than on previous models. The faster rocker also helps increase paddling speed, making it easier to catch waves and get into the best positons. This is especially noticeable in fast waves and crowded line ups. Speed is so important in small and big waves alike and these new boards have lots of it.

Furthermore the new Carve Pro delivers increased nose lift in combination with a narrower nose width, this really helps when dropping, especially late drops on bigger waves when you don’t want the nose to catch. Thinner rails aid in a looser feel, and a tighter turning radius. The new narrower overall width is faster, while a more shallow tail makes the the board feel smaller to enhance the surfboard feeling with more release on the top turn.

The Integrated Stability Deck provides a stabel ride. This greatly helps to reduce fatigue, especially with smaller tippy boards. The new Carve Pro comes with a 3/4 pad.

The Thruster or Quad option allows a wide range of tuning. In bigger surf you can really benefit from the quad option for more speed and grip.

The Carve Pro delivers a consistent feel through the range. Each board has similar surfing characteristics with some progression as the boards get smaller. The 7’7” is the most extreme board in the range, while the larger boards in the range are a little more forgiving and make it easy to surf, have fun and progress.

These boards excel at anything from 1⁄2 ft to 15 ft faces, they love to be surfed. Each board in the new range was tested in a wide range of conditions in Hawaii, Califor- nia, South America & Europe. The result is a range which is built to handle a huge array of waves. Speed is so important in small and big waves and these new boards have lots of it. If the waves are big or the water choppy then changing up a board size has often been a good idea. Stability was also incredibly important to make these boards user friendly in a wide range of conditions, for example in big waves there is a lot of water moving around and staying upright and confident is very important. In choppy, lumpy conditions, being stable, these new boards enable you to use a smaller board and surf better.

The optimal wave size for this range would be 2 to 10ft faces, this is what most people surf in and hence this is what the boards are optimized for. The 7’7” is a little narrower compared rest of the range and is tuned for more advanced surfing and hence can handle even faster waves, which riders of this board will tend to seek out.

If you are very experienced on the 7’10” and want to take your surfing to a new level this could be your next board. This is a board with no limits.

The new Quatro Windsurfing boards now come packed in recycled cardboard and paper tape only. No plastic bags. Keeping your planet, our planet, one step cleaner. We figured it’s a worthy trade off, as our love for windsurfing and the planet only grows.

Available in 7‘7“, 7‘10“, 8‘0“, 8‘2“, 8‘4“, 8‘8“.

Equivalent to 93, 99, 109, 120, 130, 140 liters.

Available in Pro Light Full Sandwich construction.

Available with Futures finboxes.

Available in light salmon on sanded neon red.


Hyper Skin Sandwich.

Build illustration.




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Mike, USA  
Jan 31, 2022 

8’4” Carve Pro. Perfect step down board for me. I was riding a 9’6” at 145 liters and wanted more shred without going to a sinker that would be unstable waiting for sets. I’m 170 lbs. this board is the perfect solution. The only knock is the finish is not super durable already showing some scratches and chips from paddle strikes. But really I love this board.

Spencer, USA  
Sep 29, 2019 

I have the 8' Carve Pro. I'm 5'11" 175lbs and stepped down from a 8'5" Starboard pocket rocket. I was between the 7'11" and 8'0, but I'm glad I went with the 8'. It took me a little bit of adjusting to get used to the board, but the performance is great and I can still ride this when it get a little choppy. The speed and turning is so much better than the pocket rocket. It's also very light. I've only ridden it as a thruster so far, but will be switching it up to a quad soon to give that a go as well. The main complaints I have are mainly cosmetic. My board doesn't really look like the ones in the pics. It's just a plain red and is pretty blah. The glossy finish also scratches easily. I liked the matte finish on the older models better. All in all, I'd definitely buy again and probably will be when I step down again.

Alan Laidlaw, USA  
Jul 18, 2019 

I got the 8’ 4” 130L 2019 Carve Pro in April, 2019. The board rips and I couldn’t be happier with the board. I had previously been ridding the 2018 8’ 7” Naish Hokua X32. I,m 5’ 11” and weigh183lbs. First impression is that the board is and rides exactly as described. Super light, very durable for a high performance surf sup, it is very fast and quick in turns! I have ridden it in everything from 2 to 8 foot surf and it works great! I put the 1 1/2” Rail Saver Pro rail tape on for security and the board still looks brand new. I ride 4 to 5 days a week, swell permitting. The Carve is a bit more tippy than the Hokua X32 but still pretty stable for the amount of performance you are getting in this board. Stability might only be a problem for me in really heavy chop which I dont typically surf in as conditions deteriorate. This is a great performance surf sup.

Eric Disque, USA  
Nov 16, 2018 

Such an amazing board. The 2019 Carve has a new handle so it's super easy to carry and my 7'7" only weighs 13 lbs. I have surfed it from 2' up to solid overhead and it handles everything great. I love how fast it is. I used to have a JP 7'6" Surf Pro and I had the older 7'2"x26" Slate and this board is as fast as the slate but turns as good as their surf. I use my Rip Curl Search GPS watch to track most of my waves and I'm hitting 14 mph on small mushy waves and I've hit up to almost 18 mph on bigger waves. If you want some pictures of the board I'm on IG as H2Disco. Same name for the search app.

4.8 5.0 4 4 8’4” Carve Pro. Perfect step down board for me. I was riding a 9’6” at 145 liters and wanted more shred without going to a sinker that would be unstable waiting for sets. I Carve Pro
Carve Pro SKU UPC Model
Andrea Paglialunga, Italy  
Mar 17, 2018 

I have a Starboard Hypernut 7.4 (105L) and the Carve Pro 8.4 (120L). I always go with the Carve, it is just an awesome board. It turns really well, stable and it is so much fun (small and big wave surfing). I don't give 5 stars just for the handle, it's pretty uncomfortable. Please fix it for the next board/series. Thanks a lot for your good work guys!

Thomas McConkey, USA  
Jan 27, 2018 

Stepped down from the Starboard Pocket Rocket to the Carve Pro 8/4 120 liters. Wow! Huge performance difference on the Pro and I do not feel I gave up any stability. Great in the recent large surf to come through San Diego.

I would have given 5 stars, but the handle SUCKS. Too shallow and not recessed. Also, Quatro could throw in the traction decking free of charge for the board after paying 2 grand.

Sean Turner, United States  
Dec 02, 2017 

Love this board!! Super light weight and perfect for surfing!

Brad Couden, USA  
Nov 16, 2016 

The Carve 110 is SUPER AWESOME!! the square tail seems to provide more stability, the tail rocker gives her life and turniness, super fast drives into turns, stays at the peak well, loose enough for some fun, been using the Carves plus size sister Glide 8' 6" x 32" for some time, had some concerns about stability, not anymore! the 110 is more user friendly than initially thought, KT & Co. really nailed it on this! Well done!! B-rad

4.8 5.0 4 4 8’4” Carve Pro. Perfect step down board for me. I was riding a 9’6” at 145 liters and wanted more shred without going to a sinker that would be unstable waiting for sets. I Carve Pro

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