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Ready. Anytime.

Levi by Paul


Tetra Pro
Freewave Thruster

The Tetra is a universal Freewave board. The fastest and most comprehensive board in our current line. It offers a smooth entry with minimal tail rocker for super early planing.

In its own right, the Tetra is an amazingly playfully turning board. All volumes feature a vee bottom with double concave running through the belly of the board for a smooth, stable and agile ride.

Sticking to our newer concept of putting the sailor further back on the board and adjusting the tail rockers accordingly, we have created a board that is fast to plane yet easy to turn because of its stance positioning. This is the go to wave board for blasting around and smoking your friends.

Available in 89, 99, 109 liters.

Available in white.



Competent, reliable, or holding acceptable views.


Pro Carbon

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDSTM Full Deck Sandwich and FRSTM Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSSTM Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for pristine rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring UCMTM Unidirectional Carbon Monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area, BCMTM Biaxial Carbon Monocoque covering the entire stance area around the foot straps for supreme heel impact resistance, S-Glass rail bands. Outside deck lamination featuring BGMTM Biaxial Glass Monocoque covering the rear two thirds of the deck, full S-Glass deck.

Bottom specifications featuring FBSTM Full Bottom Sandwich in double thickness for ultimate strength. Inside bottom lamination featuring S-Glass rail bands. Outside bottom lamination featuring extra strong fin area reinforcements for jumping and full S-Glass bottom. Nose reinforced by 7 layers. Tail reinforced by 8 layers. This advanced performance construction combines ultra light weight, a super crisp feel and excellent durability.


Carries your speed.

Levi by Sofie


Multifin. Multicolor.

The Tetra is our most colorful board by a long shot.


Made for dream beaches. And days.

Levi by Sofie


As in adhesion.

The Tetra’s fins deliver supreme hold at any angle or
maneuver, be it in the waves or on flat waters.

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