Razor Blade 50

50% Carbon

Keith Teboul: “The Razor Blade 50 is an all around paddle, slightly more flexible than the Razor Blade 100 it features the same great shape and comfortable skinny shaft. This paddle is great for catching waves, and casual touring. Despite being all new, is is based on and replaces our most popular paddle. It’s very lightweight thanks to its semi carbon fiber construction and has already earned a reputation for its durability and versatility.

The blade of this paddle has been designed to maximize the catch, pull and exit of your stroke. Its contours and profile make for a clean, fast catch and enhance stability during the pul, resulting in a very stable power phase with loads of drive and an effortless exit.

The Razor Blade 50 is perfect for lighter experts, amateurs, as well as heavier paddlers looking for more flex. Its length can be custom tailored to every paddler’s height.”


This paddle comes in

Glossy See Through Carbon

Pure no frills see through carbon finish. What you see is what you get. Finest carbon weave. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Bright Red Artwork

The Razor Blade 50 comes with clean white artwork that is unassuming yet trendy, modern, and straight forward.



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