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Sizes available

155 | 180

The longboards are perfect all-around recreational boards. Easy to ride in a wide range of conditions. For cruisers and longboard riders, downwinders and even relaxed windsurfing.

The Quatro Stand Up Paddle Longboards come in two sizes, 155 liters and 180 liters.

Lakes and flat water are a dream with these boards, but they are not shy of a wave here and there either. They come with a generous deck pad and mast track as standards, as well as two FCS side fins that give both sizes a distinct surfy feeling.


Stand Up Paddle

The Quatro Production Construction concept offers the ultimate in light weight, impact resistance and lively feel. Tried tested and true by the worldwide Quatro Pro team and customers, these boards are designed and built to provide the ultimate experience on the water.


Stand Up Paddle

FINS The SUPs come with the latest MFC and FCS fins. See the specs for details.

PADS All Quatro SUPs come with generous deck padding , offering supreme traction and comfortable padding.


Stand Up Paddle

The all new Quatro SUP Paddle offers superior command and drive for your Stand Up Paddle board and due to it being a full carbon paddle, it is also extremely light and agile.


Comes with

Stand Up Paddle

A new generation for the well known 2K model introduced last season, developed by MFC, Keith Teboul, and Kauli Seadi. This 2008 model has a new lay-up with 200gr of S-glass polyester prepreg to give smooth torsion throughout the fin. This is the preferred model of Victor Fernandez. Ideal for all around conditions, it excels particularly well in side shore and side-on shore wave sailing conditions.

Available for US Box and Powerbox

Sizes from 19,7cm to 24cm


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