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The Performance SUP

Sizes available

128 (8’6”) | 165 (9’6”) | 215 (10’0”)

Quatro Stand Up Paddle boards cater to one single key word. Performance. Each of the three volumes is distinctly designed to enable tight turns and the most photogenic of stand up paddle moves. Cutting-edge waveriding. Period. Period? Okay, all Quatro SUP boards come with a very generous deck pad. For comfort. Period.

These Stand Up Paddling boards offer no less than five fin boxes to choose from, allowing you to fine tune your setup to the very wave you encounter and the unique way you ride. Customizing is what Quatro is all about, and our SUP boards are no exception.

The Quatro Stand Up Paddle Performance boards come in three lengths, 8’6”, 9’6” and 10’0”, all distinctly designed to enable tight turns and the latest in Stand Up Paddle moves.

They are shaped to deliver progressive waveriding and cutting-edge performance. The boards of choice for the entire Quatro Team when seeking radical SUP action.

Premium Construction

Stand Up Paddling


The Quatro Premium Construction, offers a wonderful blend of superbly light weight, very high impact resistance and that famous lively Quatro feel. Put to the test daily and heavily by the Quatro team and riders worldwide, these SUP boards are both shaped and built to take surfing with a paddle one step further.


What comes with

Every Quatro board

Fins The Quatro SUP boards come with MFC and FCS fin sets catering to the unique characteristics of each shape and size. LEARN MORE

Pads All Quatro SUP Performance boards come with a generous deck pad, in case of the 10’0” the pad does even cover the entire deck. LEARN MORE


Comes with Performance SUP

The SUP Performance boards can be used in a numbers of setups and as such come with a variety of premium fins from the brands of excellence MFC and FCS. Both Thruster and Quad setups are possible. For a precise reference of the models, please see the specs chart and visit the manufacturer’s websites. and


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